About myself
I am a simple, kind and caring person, who loves my family and very family oriented. I believe that we need to appreciate simple things in life and be able enjoy them. So, life will give us even more good and bright things:) I love children a lot and like to spend time with them:) I enjoy spending time around nature as well. It is great when you can mix it...and spend time with friends too! What can be better than a good view and nice communication:)
About him
What are the most important features in my man? Hmm….loving kids, for sure:) It is hard to find the most enjoyable picture for me than a father and a kid who enjoy time together. I dream about caring, kind, cheerful and full of love man. And it is a good thing when we have one vision of life and the same interests. I would like to know that my man is open to the world and to new impressions. I will try to explain you what I mean:) I find it great just to make a decision and to go for a picnic….just as an example:) So, I wish that my beloved person will support my ideas and has his own how to spend time together:)))