About myself
By character, I am communicative and joyous. I like laughing, smiling and appreciate the sense of humor in other people. I am honest, that's why I can't stand when somebody lies and will never accept lies in the relationship. I am self-demanding and very responsible at work. I like when it's tidy and neat not only in my house, but also in the head...in the soul...in people. I am hospitable and open in communication. I can easily adapt in a new place and find a common language with kids, new people and with animals. I am gracious to other peoples mistakes, but less to mine.
About him
I would like to meet a caring, affectionate, understanding, kind, interesting man with a good sense of humor who is quick on his toes. Because I like being spontaneous sometimes, so you should be ready for adventures with me!:)) Are you ready?;) My man has to be strong, and definitely stronger than me.:)) Even if we will not agree sometimes, it doesn't matter. I want him to be himself and showing me his position, his opinion and not to be afraid to discuss things. It's always better earlier than later.;) Agree? It's also important for me to have a smart and intelligent man by my side. It's my weakness.:))