About myself
As I said before, I am versatile woman, open for new knowledge and experience. My character is calm, but expressive. My aim is to live and enjoy it, taking all the good. When one starts to value life, he starts to live:):):) I have a keen sense of inner imbalance and harmony... I think some loneliness is not final, it is just the time for self-developing and self-realization, but with loving man there is a plenty of happy moments, which I need terribly..
About him
I am sure this is the question I’ll hear a lot :) But how can I give the right answer if I don't have exact imagine of my man yet? I can at least describe what I appreciate a lot! Someone is eager to find a charming man, but I wish to find a man with charming soul. Someone needs a man with broad shoulders, but I need a broad-minded man. It would be nice to meet intelligent, positive, smiling, loving and creative man. Someone who values and loves life:):):)