About myself
I am an open and communicative woman:) I am romantic and kind, and though I know that have to work to get something, bust still sometimes I believe in miracles:) I am also calm, responsible and attentive person. I like when my home is cozy, so can add I am also caring and home-maker, which is a very good quality for a woman, don't you think so?:)) I am goal-oriented and I really know what I want to have. Looking at my photos you can see a woman with a good sense of humor and a good taste!
About him
oh, I already have a picture of my ideal mate in my head...it is left only to meet him in real life:) he is honorable and self-confident. He is smart and manful, and he does sport, to be physically developed, so he can protect his woman if it is needed:) there are many physical exercises to do in a couple and I would like to try them!:) my man is responsible, caring, reliable and have a big heart (just like me:)). I hope he also will be decent and has a good sense of humor...it would be great to create our own world and laugh together over things that understand only he and me:)